3 Day Webinar

3 Day Webinar

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This is a 3 day class EXTRAVAGANZA!
DATES: 2/23/19 - 2/24/19- 2/25/19

Time to tune in is 6pm - 9pm each day 

We will cover how to design a fabulous lace frontal wig, how to succesfully install the unit competely glueless, & expound on how to create streams of passive income while letting our money work for us! This is not your average wig class by any means. You will leave this class with more than just a new technique, you will leave class refreshed with positivity ready to accomplish every single thing you put your mind to. 
This class is set up as an instructional presentation as well as a look and learn. You will have full access to the video recording to playback, pause, & rewind as needed.
Here is our class schedule:
Day 1- Custom Wig Design & Construction
Day 2- Glueless Application on Alopecia Model
Day 3- Business Stratagies

No refund! 

Instructional Guidlines:

DAY 1 we will focus on how to handstich a flawless lace frontal wig from scratch. I will not be teaching basic techinques such as how to thread a needle, etc. I will be teaching advanced learning. Customization will also be covered this day as well.

DAY 2 we will focus on how to successfully install a glueless lace frontal wig on a live model. Our model for this session will have hair loss as this teachnique caters specifically to this clilentele base. However anyone can use this technique as well. It is 100% safe and great for all .

DAY 3 we will focus on how to build a better hair business with a set of particular stratagies. Success does not happen over night & you must work toward it every single day of your life. We will develope a PLAN OF EXECUTION for your business to ensure you have all the tools you need to acheive your goals. A few guest speakers will be joinin in on the conversation to give detailed information about their area of expertist so this is something you definitely dont want to miss!


This class will come with a downloadable curriculum that you can use as reference throuht out the course.