Let Talk Hairloss: Alopecia Awareness Event

Let Talk Hairloss: Alopecia Awareness Event

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This event is to organize a supportive environment for women who are overcoming hairloss. As a former hair artist Moni Bee has seen just how common hairloss really is. Especially among women of color. The objective of " LETS TALK HAIRLOSS" is to spread love and awareness about this epidemic.  We must let our love ones know that they are not alone and we are in this fight with them! We have Dr. Thomas on the Panel who is a Dermatologist, and she will be speaking from a professional standpoint about healthy scalp care and different forms of alopecia.   We also have our Spokesperson Rashika Perkins, who will be giving a personal testimony about her experience with hairloss and discussing how she overcame her anxiety to develop self confidence. Lastly Moni Bee will be sharing her point of view as a former hairstylist who had a massive clientele of well over 800 women that dealt with hairloss.  She will be giving exclusive information about her experience behind the chair and sharing the core details of her new career transition. We will enjoy good music, good food, good conversation and good vibes only! See you soon

Use discount code : Support1 for free entry if you have a hair condition that results in mild - severe Hairloss  (Requirements are that you must email mbluxewigs@gmail.com a photo of your current state of hair to verify)  

location: Houston Texas

time: 6:30pm-8pm