Take A Chance On Yourself

Take A Chance On Yourself

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This is a 30 day accountability program that focuses on personal development to increase confidence, self esteem, discipline, & focus. 

A manual on how to go from brokenness to breakthrough

Program includes:

150 minutes of lectures

30 homework assignments

30 video series 

Get ready to be held accountable. Your greatness is awaiting you. Sometimes all we need is reassurance and a positive environment. That is exactly what you can expect when you enroll in this program.

There is a motivational, inspirational, & transformational message for every day you are enrolled. 

Program  releases on 11/17

Lecture Topics include: 

1. Developing

2. Mindset shift

3. Income management

4. How to increase your finances

5. Dissolving distractions

6. Gaining focus

7. Becoming intention

8. Clarity ( clear and concise)

9. Never take no

10. Failing to WIN

11. Building Trust

12. Having Faith

13. Environmental factors 

14. Control Your Emotions

15. Perspective is everything 

16. Timing (God speed) 

17. Forget Fears

18. Opportunity is what you make it 

19. Affirming (speak life) 

20. Accountability 

21. Becoming Disciplined 

22. Health is wealth 

23. Elevation ( AIM HIGHER) 

24. Stress free

25. Everything has a Chapters

26. Seasons and cycles

27. Your breakthrough is NOW

28. Doing the impossible

29. Energy

30. No excuses


no refund/ exchange. 

Access link will be sent the day program release.